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Staff Leave Planner and Staff Management Platform for your Business

Manage your staffs details and absences all in one place, without all the unnecessary paperwork.

Why Companies Use Staff Manager

Staff Management Platforms/Holiday planners and Leave planners have a long history of being hard to use and not very user friendly. With Staff Manager we have made an easy to use Staff Management Platform where you can easily Add your Staff - Keep all their Documents and Details in one place - As well as an easy to use Holiday planner that you can easily and quickly implement in your business regardless of it's size or industry..

  1. Add your Staff Members and their Details (You can upload any documents and relevant information as well) in one easy to use and accessible platform
  2. Customize any and all Leave Types your Business Requires
  3. Manage a staff calendar to book and store leave information and monitor excessive unauthorised absences
staff calendar
It can be hard to keep track of all your staff

How many Staff Members Can I add?

We would advise any manager to add all their staff - not only will this make your life simpler it will ease the unnecessary headache of having to find employee paperwork/leave calendars and much more. A manager is often rushed off their feet with numerous other tasks Staff Managers job is to free that time and ease some of the stress. You can add as many staff members as you require, after your trial this will only cost you £1.00 per user/month. So that you can easily manage your staffs leave and holidays all in one easy to use planner. As well as store staff information in one safe and accessible place, you can store all relevant information required from Start Date/Position/Date of Birth/Gender/NI Number and Address. You can store any documents relevant to them in one place.

At only £1.00 a user you can add as many staff as you want and easily implement a staff management platform and easy to use holiday planner for your business that will instantly start to make a difference for you and your company as a whole.

Why should our Company use Staff Manager?

  • Used by a Wide Range of Different Companies
  • Affordable at only £1.00 a user/month
  • Size is Not a Problem - from 1 to 5000 Staff and more
  • Get up and running in minutes with a Free Monthly Trial

How much does Staff Manager cost?

Only £1 per user. Making staff manager an essential and easily affordable tool for any entrepreneur/manager or new business owner. Save your business money and time by switching to our easy to use platform. Gain access to an easy to use leave planner and much more so that you can stay on top of your staffs holidays and annual leave without having to worry about all the unnecessary paper work.

More than just that you get access to a full suite of different tools/stats that are all designed to make a managers life much easier. So what are you waiting for get started today.

improve your staff management with staff manager