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"When has Staff Holiday and Rota Management been this simple?"

Why do Businesses Use Staff Manager?

Staff Manager gives your managers superpowers - not in the superman sense but it lets them easily sort out their staffs work rotas and then send them out to them for them to confirm so they know quickly ahead of time that they are aware of their shifts - and ahead of time if their needs to be any amendments made or cover required. Not only does this make your Managers life easier but it makes for a much happier workforce overall - no longer will you here "I thought I was working today/tomorrow." It's always clear and work is always covered.

Plus the business owner will always be able to sleep soundly knowing that their Managers equipped with Staff Manager have got their business covered.

*Does not imbue superpowers - but near enough.

What doesn't it do?

Staff Manager can't cook you a pancake - but it could free up enough hours for your staff (based on a team of 5) to cook the equivalent of 120 pancakes - per week *just an estimate based on cooking/flipping ability.

Staff Manager maybe can't cook your pancakes directly but it can give you a single place to deal with your staffs leave/rotas/documents and much much more. Plus we're just getting started adding more and more features every week, so your business and staff can be productive, happy and organised, and all for just £1 per user/month - the perfect tool for every business that values its staff and wants to save it's managers from migraines.

Why shouldn't my Company use Staff Manager?

  • It probably should, but don't just take our word for it.
  • Affordable at only £1.00 a user/month
  • Size is Not a Problem - from 1 to 5000 Staff and more
  • Get up and running in minutes with a Free Monthly Trial - So you can make sure.