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Features include Rota Management and Leave Planning

Set the Rotas - Send Them Out - See Their Approval

Manage your Rotas all from one place - Send them out to your staff automatically each week to their email accounts and by SMS. No more Excel Spreadsheets or Paper Timetables take it digital and make your life easier.

Check who's seen the rota - make amends and auto send them back out - no hassle and easy to use.

Add Cover Easily and Quickly

Efficiently set staff work cover for work weeks - add as many staff your business requires - add their email and mobile number to ensure they get notified of their rotas on a regular basis.

Regardless of your employees work hours - Staff Manager is built so that you can easily cater for any types of shifts even regular.

Create Cover Schedules Easily

Regular cover schedules can be set up so that you can easily apply staff and send out the rota for the week with only the click of a button. Making managing your workforce quick and easy - even generating timesheets for your staff so that you can at a glimpse see which hours they have worked at the end of the week.

Timesheets Generated for You

Timesheets can be seen for each work week - making record keeping and the audit of hours and pay very easy to work out - no more paperwork, no more headaches or fuss. Managing staff has never been this easy.

No matter how many staff you have manage all their hours in one place - easily and simply.

Booking off Staff Leave made Easy

Book off holidays and staff leave easily within staff manager/ this will work in sync with your Rotas making sure you never book someone in for work when their off and giving you clear notice of their time off for the future.

As well as this you are given clear indication of how many days they have left as well as their current Bradford Score so that you can accurately audit their performance.

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