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"Happy Staff is Good Business"

5 Tips on how to Keep your Staff Happy - and Working Hard!

Date: 19 March 2018

Every manager and business owner wants their staff to work hard, the harder they work the more successful the business. However with hard work brings challenges, regardless of the role one way or another your staff could be burnt out from over work, stressed from dead lines, tired from late shifts. While money is often a greatly motivating factor to staff their are little things that youc can do to help motivate your staff both in the workplace and out that can provide that extra level of happiness that makes their jobs that bit more worthwhile.

5. Extra Day off for Birthdays/ Gym Membership

It's often proved time and time again that providing your staff with a healthy lifestyle in and out of work makes them work harder and makes them happier Your business could do this by making a deal with a local gym - for cheap or free membership for staff, promote this to your staff along with things like cycle to work schemes. While different but also important can be extra days off for birthdays or even in some cases for things like mental health.

4. Free Food Thursdays/Fridays

It can be a small thing such as free coffee in the office/a bacon sandwich - (or vegan/veggie alternative) that can prove to be very motivational and show your staff that you are thinking about them.

3.Paid Volunteering Days

This is a practice often done by many companies now but it allows staff members and the business to participate in charities and the local community which as well as being very beneficial to the community also can prove motivational to the staff.

2. Staff Manager

By having an easy way for your staff to see their rotas for their shifts as well as to book off holidays and more, you make their work life balance that much easier - simply providing them with a stress free experience that can often be muddled with red tape and documentation.

1. Perkbox

Perkbox is quite new on the scene but is already a heavy hitter - providing your staff with a bunch of fun discounts and treats on a variety of things from days out to pizza and beer. It can also be a great way to get your staff team building outside of work. You can try out Perkbox for your business here

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