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How a holiday planner can improve business efficiency

How a holiday planner can improve business efficiency

Date: 10 February 2018

Efficiency within your business is something that must remain constant even if some of your employees are taking a holiday. Paid holidays often mean that many other employees have to step up and do a bit of extra work. It can also cost your business extra money in terms of overtime, benefits and more. With the help of tools like Staff Manager, logging holidays and absences suddenly becomes intelligent and nearly automatic.

This holiday planner application allows any HR professional to log submissions for holidays, absentee days and more for time tracking throughout a company. Tools like this can lead to an amazing amount of efficiency from the perspective of HR professionals. This can speed up the process of issuing holiday pay, tracking inefficiencies and absenteeism within the workforce and help with coordinating staff leave while preventing a skill drain.

From the perspective of a business, applications like Staff Manager can also provide a huge boost to efficiency in the workforce. Preventing the chance that senior staff and high skill individuals are all off at the same time can help to reduce the chance that a massive bottleneck could happen. Planning for vacations with overtime and applicable training can also be done by recognizing areas of the calendar where other employees will need to step up and take on new duties. By being able to track hundreds of employees from the same application and see trends in data along a calendar of leave, the whole process of simplifying a workforce and time off becomes easier.

As a result of changing over to systems like Staff Manager, a company can begin to recognize trends in holidays and leave over time. Being able to check back several months or years to reference typical times for holidays can help with planning throughout the year and planning for meeting deadlines as a business.

With all of this information available on one platform, it's no wonder that so many businesses are now utilizing solutions like Staff Manager for tracking their workforce and improving efficiency across the board. For just £.50 per employee, you could try this system today!

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