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How to Improve Holiday Management in Your Business

How to Improve Holiday Management in Your Business

Date: 7 February 2018

Holiday management can be a struggle for businesses especially when there are hundreds of staff members on hand. Often, HR departments can be overloaded and a number of issues can occur as a result of holiday management. In larger companies situations where skilled staff members or managers take vacation at the same time can often lead to huge backlogs and work, inefficiency and even some extensive costs for a business. With the right tools however it is possible to make sure that holiday management can be handled in a much more organized way.

Holiday management today is usually handled in HR via large spreadsheets or a calendar with employee names. A dedicated tools such as Staff Manager can help individuals to keep all of the details and documents for employee leaves in one specific place. As soon as the request is submitted, the application can update and block off time on a calendar that an employee has requested time off. Holiday planning can be easy with trends in data, simple alerts that can be customized to prevent inefficiency or skill drain and more.

The best part is a holiday management tool like this one can also be customized for almost any type of industry. Managing staff in a calendar as well as storing information to monitor absences and sick days can all be done within the same platform.

Tools like Staff manager are a huge relief to any HR department. The license is extremely inexpensive as well at just £.50 for every staff member logged in the system. When compared to other types of business software this is a considerably cheaper alternative that can handle all of the same functions!

If you are committed to improving holiday management within your business, you should try out Staff manager for free today.

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