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Small Business Growth

Date: 18 March 2018

Starting a small business and growing your audience/customer base and team can be a daunting task but here at Staff Manager, we are here to help. Especially in the early days of a business - when taking on staff the owner/manager can find that they are bombarded with tasks as well as the need to ensure that the staff they have hired are being as productive and timely as possible.

Dependent on the industry productivity can be measured in different ways - a retail operation would be very different to that of a restaurant. Their are many tools that managers/business owners use currently to try and keep a grasp of their current staffs productivity or timelyness these include.

Excel Spreadsheet Rota's

We've all at one time or another seen or used these - they can be cumbersome and painful to setup but they get the job done. Their are many templates out there that could make your job slightly easier Microsoft even includes an employee scheduling template on their site but while these can be helpful in the shortterms they come with many disadvantages. Taking into account the cumbersome nature of Excel spreadsheets - these can be easily lost - mistakes made - often they have to be printed and edited or put on a board - photos taken by staff or sent to staff. This can lead to mistakes very easily that then have to be sent out again to WhatsApp groups etc. So while their are positives it's easy to see how the negatives could outweigh them.

The Solution

There are many rota management platforms out there but we like to think we are the best - Staff Manager is built for small businesses regardless of industry and amount of staff it will be helpful to you - allowing you to create Rotas quickly and through the platform send them out by email and text to staff with minimum fuss and a simple easy way to amend the rota and send out changes that doesn't require taking shakey photograps of a spreadsheet.

Leave Planning

Having an adequate system for keeping track of staff leave as well as allowing new staff to request holiday days and more, while a small thing is brilliant to a business from an auditing perspective and just a functionality aspect. It makes the cogs move easily without their being the need for any cumbersome forms or documentation. Allowing staff/managers to easily keep track of days off/ill leave and more is very important both from a motivational stand point and a productivity one. For an excel spreadsheet for it checkout the Holiday planner template here

The Solution

For leave planning you could use a wall planner or like the rota schedules an excel spreadsheet however as the same for Rotas these have many disadvantages and problems that could arise. Having a platform in place that allows staff to book days of and management to accept or reject them is very useful to any business - Staff Manager incorporates this into it - so that you have rotas and leave all synced together with a clear crossover so that rotas and leave are not clashing which can be the case if done by paper or spreadsheet.

While some of these things may seem small they will positively effect your business as it grows allowing for you to quickly onboard new staff to your business without much explanation - just add them as a staff member on Staff Manager - you can even add electronic versions of any of their documentation on there as well so its all in one place.

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