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How to use Staff Manager for your Business

How to use Staff Manager for your Business

Date: 1 Febuary 2018

Staff Manager is a Holiday Planner and staff management platform for your business. Gone are the days where staff leave was dictated by a large calendar on the wall, scrawled with ink and eraser marks. The modern workplace is advancing and with it staff management practices and leave planning has changed for the better, reducing the amount of paperwork also has turned something that could have potentially taken up alot of admin time to a nice simple and easy to use system such as Staff Managers Leave Planner. Regardless of your Industry and Business you can get up and running with staff manager straight away with a month free trial, and after this only £1.00 per staff member/month.

Often we have found that some of the digital leave planners out their can be cumbersome and slow to use. We have designed Staff Manager to be easy to use to book in holiday days for your staff as well as to manage the overall annual leave allowance and the sorting and storing of staff documents and details. So that you dont have to sort through office drawers and filing cabinets to simply check some details. We have also integrated the Bradford Factor score which scores a staff member based on their level of absenteeism so that you can easily check over how your staff are doing and keep an eye on their overall level of leave.

Documents are simple to add with a nice easy drag and drop feature, so that you can store all documents relevant to a particular staff member within their own personal digital file. This can be brilliant as it means that you can quickly find certian documents relevant to a staff member very quickly and dont have to waste time looking.

We have also found that the clear management of staff holidays and leave for any manager can be a great asset and tool especially when trying to arrange particular rotas or when trying to plan out a particular project.

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