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Staff Manager - The Ultimate New Business Tool

Staff Manager - The Ultimate New Business Tool

Date: 20 February 2018

For anyone running a new business or start up, whether it's a local cafe, a shop, a restaurant or really any number of other enterprises it can be a daunting task. Especially when your presented with having new staff to manager and keep track of on top of trying to grow your business. Their are heaps of advice and articles out their with advice in how to run your business, management style - open door policy and more However most of these lack the substance to really lend you a hand in this matter. Staff Manager is their to do that.

We have built Staff Manager for small to medium sized businesses so that they can be quickly equiped to manager thier staff all from one place including -Leave Management - ROTA Schedules - Personal Staff ROTA's and much more. By making an easy to use platform that any business can sign up and start running with immediately was our goal and the numerous businesses that are using Staff Manager right now across the globe to help improve their business speaks for itself.

"Before we used Staff Manager we were using a shared spreadsheet between our team of 8 to organise Staff Leave. You can only imagine the stress it caused...thank you, you've saved more then just one of us from pulling our hair out!" Jeff - (8 Staff Members)

We have built the system to work for small businesses across the globe - also including multi-language translation as an option also. We aim to improve Staff Manager to incorproate small businesses demands for new services and tools so you will constantly see new features and tools added to Staff Manager in order to make it the best for your business. At only £1 per user/month it is an extremely affordable service thats ROI will show itself in a number of ways including increased productivity - less wasted time in the work place from dealing with 'micro-problems' such as staff leave and rota management - no more sending out the staff rota individually to each of your staff.

"We are over the moon to have found Staff Manager for our Business, we are only a small start up - but having a easy way of managing our staffs documents and leave, has made it much easier. Thank you. Jessica (5 Members of Staff)

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