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Still Using Excel to Manage Staff Holidays?

Still Using Excel to Manage Staff Holidays?

Date: 8 February 2018

It's 2018 and it's hard to believe that some companies are still using spreadsheets and excel to manage their staffs sick leave and holidays. Their are many reasons why this should not longer be the case for your business, many of them you probably know already but don't know it.

Data Loss/Corruption

It is very easy for a spreadsheet to be deleted, lost or corrupted. It can be saved over with an earlier version deleting key information and making them irretrievable, they are difficult to access except from on a particular machine with the right software installed. They can only be accessed usually one person at a time, theirfore making them a hive of possibilities for mistakes on the spreadsheet leave planner. Also they are very difficult to audit and enforce protocol for how to use it, some staff may book time off one way other staff another. This is only one reason why it is important your business uses a leave planner in 2018 that is designed specifically to be easily auditable, usable and can be used by multiple people at the same time.

Cannot be accessed Offsite

It's the modern world, often companies have remote workers or workers that are travelling on sales calls etc. we aren't all in one office anymore. That is why spreadsheet holiday planners are impractical, often they are held on one particular computer or one server/hard drive so the relevant people can only access it from one place, namely the office. Leave planners such as Staff Manager allow you to easily access your businesses leave planner from where ever you are, request time off and more as well as access any documentation relevant to particular staff that you may need to access, quickly and easily.

No Audit Log

HR and Managers often need to look back over the year and view the overall view of how many holidays their staff have left as well as how much sick has been taken, take into account the Bradford Factor score as well, which is built into Staff Manager. If all of this information is supplied in the form of an excel spreadsheet it can prove very difficult to trace down when changes were made or even to guarantee it's accuracy as it has no clear audit trail. Staff Manager has made this very easy, by making it easy to use and simple to audit.

Not User Friendly

Spreadsheets have their place in the workplace but it is not with staff leave planning. It can make something that is a five minute job exhaustive and time consuming. With Staff Manager it makes it simple and easy to use, saving your business time and money.

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