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Staff Manager - "What Rota am I On?" or a Managers Headache

Staff Manager - "What Rota am I On?" or a Managers Headache

Date: 12 March 2018

Rota work can be exhausting and tricky - both for the staff working the shift and the managers arranging the rotas and making sure everybody is aware of when they are working. One of the worst examples of this in recent times is the recent holiday scandal involving Ryanair - This mix up caused the business a great deal of negative press as well as being a horrible experience for staff. Problems with rotas/ last minute changes are often complaints made by staff members - it makes work more difficult/stressful due to the uncertainty of their working hours and the inability to make plans outside of work. In retail jobs this is often the case as reported by the daily mail even in regards to chain stores.

Efficient management of staff rotas and leave planning can make for a much happier and efficient workforce. Each staff member very much aware that the management know about any of their leave ahead of time as well as providing them with adequate and clear awareness of their work rotas. In an easily readable and simple to understand format. Many businesses take to using Excel - printed out spreadsheets and WhatsApp photos of the work rota for the week sent to staff, a method that while inefficient also lacks the professional resemblance of a business practice. These methods and the insecurity provided by them for staff is something that is dealt with across the board in the UK and other countries The Guardian recently spoke to a driver who was affected by last minute Rota changes - or late rota leases as it effected their ability to plan overtime hours, often required as their pay was close to minimum wage.

As well as this, keeping track of leave including sick leave efficiently can be very beneficial for businesses as recently covered by the Financial Times: Data uncovered by sick leave can be very beneficial in running your business it can make companies aware of patterns - see if their workforce is overloaded - it can also pick out unusal trends that may be present as in the case of the financial times article. As shown by other recent cases such as that involving Wagamama's where a note was put on the rota which advised their staff not too be sick.

Their are many ways that a company can improve upon their rota management system and leave planning - a new, advanced and easy to use option is Staff Manager - BlockCrm'S Module - which is a web app that allows managers to easily set Rotas and send notification of these Rotas too staff as well as easily managing leave and staff documentation.

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