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Why your Business should use a Leave Planner

Why your Business should use a Leave Planner

Date: 5 February 2018

In order for a company to continue operating it is essential that they continue to regularly offer vacations as well as planning moving forward with paying holidays. Keeping everything organized isn't always easy from a business perspective. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using a leave planner so that you can keep your business profitable and efficient:

Leaves and holidays can cripple your ability to meet demand: With many employees off during a very rushed time, you could end up stuck short and unable to meet demand. This can cause an extensive amount of stress for your business and likely lost profits.

Leaves can cost your business an extensive amount of money: paid vacations are an expense for any business but when many people are off at the same time and not actually producing anything for the company, it's difficult to recoup these expenses. During a month where an extensive amount of people have taken time for holidays, this can lead to a dip in profits while still paying out costs for wages. Handling the logistics of a longer vacation and hiring temporary workers or paying out over time for employees that have to pick up shifts will only lead to these costs increasing.

Without proper tracking you can lose morale: when your resources are spread extremely thin this can place an extensive load on other employees and often cause a greater chance that they could have to go out sick. When everyone has to pick up the slack due to a mass amount of holidays at your company, this can often make the rest of your workforce less loyal. When you have new employees that only have two weeks of holidays for example, this can lead to a huge divide within the company where they consistently have to take on double duties for more experienced staff members.

With a proper leave planner such as Staff Manager, it's possible to plan out holidays throughout the year so that they can be optimized for company efficiency and expenses. An official tool like this can make sure all leave documents can be kept in one place and that your company can have easy planning for all paid and unpaid leaves.

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